Turn Signal 1-3/4" Diameter

$ 140.00

A stylish turn signal switch to fit your rod, custom or stocker. Fits 1-3/4" column diameters. All turnsignals come with two splits to easy bolt on to your column and in machined billet aluminum. Flashing tip means no need to drill the dash for turn signal lights - just bolt it on, wire it up and go.

Our switch requires the use of a 3 prong flasher can (not included). We recommend and stock the electronic style, reliability for only $20.00. These can be purchased in our store.

If you're using a commercial wiring panel or kit, you can remove the 2 prong flasher & bridge the connection where it plugged in. Now use the wire marked 'turn signal feed' or similar to power up a seperately mounted 3 prong flasher. This way your turn signals are still on the correct circuit & fuse (a short length of 16 gauge wire with a male spade at each end is the ideal bridge.) 

The yellow wire (number 7) illuminates the tip and connects to the third prong on the flasher can. If you're installing one of these switches in a car that already has dash indicator lights, it can be wired without a 3 prong flasher, as you don't need the flashing tip.